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Unlimited Web Development

Step into the future of unlimited web development. For only $695 a month, ThrivePix introduces a revolution in design & development services, providing a dedicated team of outstanding designers and project managers at your disposal.

We Build Dedicated Team for Unlimited Web Development

Are you tired of unreliable freelancers and the high costs of in-house developers teams? Introducing ThrivePix – the revolutionary design & development solution that eliminates all your development hassles. For just $495 per month, gain access to a dedicated team of top-quality designers, developers and project managers, all available at your fingertips through our innovative platform.

20+ Designer

15+ Developer

8+ Project Managers

Unlimited Web Design

Are you experiencing any of these pains?

Countless clients have faced these issues and found relief with our unlimited web development solution.

Lacking a strong web development team?

Our unlimited web development solutions assign the best team, including a project manager, for each client, ensuring you never have to worry about consistency, time, or quality.

Struggling with the costs of hiring in-house developers?

Our affordable monthly subscription plans offer access to premier website design & development services without breaking the bank.

Tired of screening freelancers?

Save time and effort with our handpicked developers who undergo rigorous testing to ensure their exceptional skills meet your project requirements.

Overwhelmed by web development complexities?

Your assigned project manager can swap developers as needed to improve quality, eliminating the need to search for another freelancer for different projects.

β€œThrivePix has been the perfect partner for my business. Their expertise in design and seamless project management has truly elevated my brand, making them an invaluable asset in our growth."


CEO and Founder @ Samantha Digital

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Experience the ThrivePix's Unlimited Web Development

ThrivePix is here to revolutionize the way businesses approach web design & development. Our unique unlimited web development offers a seamless, cost-effective alternative to traditional freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, or the expensive process of hiring in-house designers. With ThrivePix, you’ll have a dedicated team of skilled designers, developers and project managers working tirelessly on your projects, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Your Personal Development Team

Access a dedicated team of expert designers, developers, and project managers, all committed to your success.

Exceptional Development Talent

Our developers undergo rigorous testing to ensure only the best work on your projects.

Dedicated Project Manager

Your personal project manager will keep your projects on track and exceed your expectations.

Time and Cost Savings

ThrivePix offers an alternative to unreliable freelancers and expensive in-house developers, saving you both time and money

Unlimited Projects

Post as many projects as you need to be completed on our dashboard without restrictions.

Seamless Collaboration

Communicate effortlessly with your design & development team through our user-friendly platform.

How does it work?

Experience a seamless, hassle-free web design & development journey through our intuitive platform, supported by a dedicated and talented team of professionals.

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Submit countless projects and let your dedicated team bring your vision to life.

Get Unlimited Web Design Projects Done in ONe place

Collaborate & Refine

Share feedback and work closely with your team through our user-friendly platform.

Affordable way to build your dream team

Get unlimited design & development projects and revisions. No expensive hourly billing. Flat monthly rate. Cancel or pause anytime.



/ month

Dependable graphics design for online businesses and agencies’ marketing requirements



/ month

Reliable graphics design and website development for online businesses and agencies.

2X (Design+Development)


/ month
Double your design and development request. Popular for medium size marketing and design agency.

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Experience the power of a full design team at your fingertips! Try our unlimited services for just $49 a week and see how we can help scale your business. Don’t miss this limited-time offer to elevate your online presence with ThrivePix

What they say about us

Our satisfied clients have witnessed the transformative power of ThrivePix’s unlimited design and development services. Explore their stories to see how our dedicated team and effective approach have driven growth and success for businesses across industries.

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What is included in this membership

Everything from presentation templates to a real documented client project.

Web & Email Design

Digital Advertisement


Print Materials

we do almost every type of graphics & web design task, contact us to know more

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing strategy or optimize your operations, our platform has you covered.

What does unlimited really mean?

With all our plans, you can submit as many design & development project as you like and we’ll assign the team member to get started right away. Once that project is complete, we’ll move onto the next one in your queue – same day. Revisions are unlimited too!

No matter how many requests or revisions you submit, the price stays the same. You are only limited in terms of speed as we are real humans doing real work.

How do I create a project ?

In your created brand tab you can create unlimited projects, when you click on the β€œAdd a new project” you will receive the project form. Once you fill the project brief, your project will be appear in your dashboard and ready to be picked by our team.

What is turnaround time for projects?

We work on your graphics & website every working day and we endeavour to get your projects back over to you as soon as possible.

On average we can typically send a project back over within 24-48 hours. However, this can vary depending on project scope and complexity.

Your assigned project manager will always do their best to set a due date and work with you to prioritise and organise your submitted projects.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes! In fact most of our customers are agencies of some kind (marketing, design, web, SEO, etc) that use us as their design back office.

Within our platform, you can easily create different folders for each of your brands/customers.

How many projects can I expect per month?

This is mostly up to you! First of all, it depends on the frequency of your projects- some of our clients place new projects every day, while others submit one or two per week. Next, the complexity of projects and the number of revisions will also impact the speed of the design & development process.

You may wish to check out our expected daily output for a rough estimate of what can be completed in one day. If the projects are simple and don’t require several revisions, you can expect to get 1-2 projects per day.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime – hassle-free.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay monthly. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

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